Discretely find buyers & sellers around you

Connect with other art collectors and let them know what you're interested in. 


Schedule a meetup location

Pick a location that's convenient for you and let them know you'd like to meet. 


Support a charity 

Donate part of your subscription to a cause that matters to you.

Find VIP art buyers and sellers
using your iPhone or Android device.

ArtSeeker is a geosocial networking app designed for VIP art collectors. In both free and subscription-based versions, ArtSeeker uses the GPS function of a smartphone, so you can find other art collectors within relative proximity.

Save time

Speed up the process of selling art works or find the perfect piece to expand your collection. 

Get noticed by buyers

Be a part of an exclusive group of buyers and sellers who want to connect with you.

Never burn a fine piece of artwork.

ArtSeeker is the fastest way to connect with other art collectors, so you can meet while at an exhibition or art fair.

List Works Privately

Find other qualified buyers or sellers and chat to see if it's a match. 

Secure Access & Profiles

Bank level security ensures your data is private at all times. 
Art Seeker iPhone mobile app Browse Results.

Completely Private & Trusted Worldwide

ArtSeeker makes it easy for buyers and sellers to meet and conduct business without paying commissions. 

ArtSeeker is a place for art lovers to connect.
Zondra Lievesley - Art Seeker iPhone mobile app team.

Zondra Lievesley


It saves me time by locating qualified buyers that know my collection well.
Rob Willemsen - Art Seeker iPhone mobile app team.

Robb Willemsen


ArtSeeker makes it easy to find great art, no matter where you are.
Grace Donahue - Art Seeker iPhone mobile app team.

Grace Donahue


ArtSeeker Premium Subscription

FREE for 3 Months,

then $250/ Month, 5% goes to charity every time. 


$2,400 with Annual Subscription
(5% goes to charity every time.)

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